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Treatment Plan Outline

Learn how talk therapy and homeopathic medicine can effectively manage your anxiety and health challenges.

Maybe you’ve had a recent loss, emotional or physical trauma or some bad news, or perhaps you’re feeling depressed or anxious about life.  It could be that your self-esteem has taken a hit, and you just can’t pull yourself out of  self-defeating emotions.


Whatever the reason, you've come to the right place.

Offering proven powerful treatments to, clear energetic blockages and to accelerate your healing – whether mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual. Relieve anxiety, fears, doubts, and discover your connection and purpose to self and this life.


The body heals in layers - Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.


Be patient, most important, believe in your healing journey.

An Outline For Your Personal Journey to Wellness

Layer 1

2 weeks *

3 sessions/wk

  • Collection of your personal and family health history. 

  • Record of nutrition and medical/natural support.

  • Submission of current blood work. 

  • Physical (bowels, liver, lungs, lymph-cleanse)

Layer 2

2 weeks *

2 sessions/wk

  • Energetic cleanse (Chakra points)

  • Body smudge

  • Home smudge

Layer 3

3 weeks *

3 sessions/wk

  • Emotional cleanse (fear, anger, unforgiveness)

Layer 4

2 weeks *

3 sessions/wk

  • Affirmations (write and refresh)

  • Breath and guided mindfulness meditative journey

Layer 5

1 week *

2 sessions/wk

  • Evaluate feelings and perceptions of self, family and life

Layer 6

1 week *

1 session/wk

  • Evaluate food, nutrients, vitamins, mineral support, and homeopathic recommendations

Layer 7

1 week *

1 session/wk

  • Discharge notes: Putting in place a more resilient plan to manage anxiety and stress

  • Life struggles can't be bypassed in life

  • No matter how strong or rich you are, there will be a point in your life that you may find yourself in a painful and weakened state

A few notes:

  • All sessions will be conducted online

  • This journey will be customized to suit your individual circumstance

“Dealing with hardship is never easy. But no matter what challenges and struggles you find yourself in, your power to overcome them is the measurement of your strength." – Unknown

There are no guarantees in life, but be proud that you have taken the necessary steps to adapt a healthier lifestyle and experience quality living.


Maxine Mclean Ph.D., Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Homeopath, Author, Metaphysical Healer, Humanitarian, the founder of Gratitude Keeper®. Health-Coach-Speaker, Meditation Healing Facilitator-Educator, and Creative Entrepreneur.

Blue seal Award – Writing, Canada's 100 Black women to honor. Eminence Award.
I'm encouraged to connect, inspire and positively impact other people's lives to help them rise.