Each Gratitude Keeper is uniquely/beautifully hand carved out of soapstone and hand painted as a one of a kind designs.


How To Use Your Gratitude Keeper 


Every day, morning or evening (whatever time of day feels best for you), sit or stand in a comfortable position.  Take three full breaths, breathing in through your nostrils into that space between your pubic bone and your navel and exhaling through pursed lips, feel the flow of air as it rises to your lips.


Be conscious of your breathing.


Be aware of your entire body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.  In this quiet space, take a few minutes to think of one thing – only one thing – that you are grateful for, just for today.  (Don’t try to analyze it, don’t question it, just allow your thoughts to flow freely to that one thing.)

Write that one thing on a Gratitude Keeper card and file it in your Gratitude Keeper.  Do this every day, for a year.  Towards the end of the year, sit down and peel the sticker off the back of each card, and carefully place each day’s note in your Gratitude Keeper’s book. reading each one as you do so.

Writing the daily cards identifies and hones what you are grateful for.  Peeling that sticker off and placing it in you Gratitude book reinforces it and shows you that no matter what, you have 365 thing to be grateful for each year.  It’s and exercise that makes the end of the year a time to look forward to.  And you’ll have a Gratitude Keepers book to reflect back on each year.  Your way of viewing and living life will transform.


Now you have a Gratitude Keeper Book that you may pass on to loved ones, sending out ripples of POSITIVE vibrations.


Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Mandela Blue

  • Dimensions
    Size 25.4 cm X 25.4 cm
    10 cm deep
    weight approx. 6 Kg