Twenty-one Gratitude™ Core Therapy Cards.


Intuitively inspired and carefully created to transform your life exponentially.  Each painting is personally designed by Dr. Maxine McLean


A luminous pathway to healing opens when you chose the one card that strikes at the very core of your emotions. Experience your life journey through the powerful vibrations of Gratitude and receive a personally enlightened transformation. Throughout these twenty-one cards, the expression of gratitude will be emphasized in multiple areas. Your heart vibration may connect with each one differently at times when you least expect. The same card could be chosen on multiple occasions but the message may vary, deeper, wider, stronger or, it may be entirely different. Designed with meditations and mantras to transform those perceptions that could be stifling your: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual (MEPS™ ) Health.




  • The intention of these Core Therapy Cards is to promote MEPS™ healing through the vibration of colours, lines, images, shapes, quotes, mantras and meditations.
  • Designed to help over-ride those negative emotions by nurturing positive ones.
  • To help motivate you and to activate your highest realm of thinking.
  • Assist to enlighten and strengthen your core beliefs in establishing interpersonal value and life purpose.
  • Practice to embrace the art of forgiveness.
  • Create purpose and direction in your life through warm encouraging


Gratitude Keeper Core Therapy Cards, Series 2

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