Gratitude Keeper® is fourfold; it nurtures the spirit of thinking positive and being grateful daily for just one thing that you might otherwise take for granted or not ascribe gratitude to.

Second, it provides a place to track your daily milestones of gratitude. The carving of the soapstone boxes provides sustainable income to families in developing countries.

Third, Gratitude Keeper® provides clean drinkable water through the building of wells. Consequently, when any Gratitude Keeper® products are purchased, 35% is allotted for this humanitarian venture.

Fourth, proudly introducing Gratitude Keeper® Academy established to provide a premier on-line teaching platform to students worldwide.

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Energy is all around us; our lives are impacted by its multidimensional reign on our lives, as we breathe, live, develop, and cultivate; energy never dies.

The daily practice of gratitude transforms negative thoughts into flows of positive vibrational energies. These vibrations will assist in raising our consciousness, elevating the frequency of our innate healing abilities, and will keep us attuned to our life’s purpose.

As I have shared in the Gratitude Keeper® Volume 1 - NO RAIN, NO WATER  - The daily writing and practice of gratitude will transform and raise your body’s cellular vibration. Ultimately, fostering positive changes within you and around you that will eventually impact your health on all levels: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, even financially.

Gratitude Keeper® Academy is the premier teaching online platform to inspire, empower, and deliver a transformative learning approach. Explore courses designed to embrace truth seekers worldwide that require expanding knowledge and adapting scientifically proven healing perspectives.

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This work will engage and support you through one year of personal transformation to ignite the passion within. Each module is structured to inspire vision, help your inner creative, flourish, and cultivate skills to expand your development initiatives.

Gratitude Keeper® Boxes

Gratitude Keeper® has connected with villagers from developing parts of the world who are in need of strengthening their home base and improving their lives. This connection enables them to make Gratitude Keeper® boxes out of soapstone, which, in turn, provide them with sustainable income.


The Gratitude Keeper® well now provides clean drinkable water to thousands in Kerina - Kenya. This venture eases women’s burden of fetching water from contaminated rivers, thereby providing them better health and time to attend school.


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