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Gratitude Keeper® is fourfold; it nurtures the spirit of thinking positive and being grateful daily for just one thing that you might otherwise take for granted or not ascribe gratitude to.

Second, it provides a place to track your daily milestones of gratitude. The carving of the soapstone boxes provides sustainable income to families in developing countries.

Third, Gratitude Keeper® provides clean drinkable water through the building of wells. Consequently, when any Gratitude Keeper® products are purchased, then an amount is allotted for this humanitarian venture.

Fourth, proudly introducing Gratitude Keeper® Academy established to provide a premier on-line teaching platform to students worldwide.

Gratitude Keeper® is fourfold...

If you would like to deepen your healing practice or simply clear and balance your body rhythms, you will enjoy these healing inspired messages, designed to clear energetic blockages and promote better mental, emotional and physical wellness.

Gratitude Keeper® Academy is the premier teaching online platform to inspire, empower, and deliver a transformative learning approach. Explore courses designed to embrace truth seekers worldwide that require expanding knowledge and adapting scientifically proven healing