Upcoming Events & Releases

April 8, 9 & 10th, 2022 - Hahnemann Day - Global Marathon

I am honoured to have accepted a speaking engagement in Mumbai.  Over 5000 people have signed on to date and is expected to reach over 20 thousand people.

Learn effective healing strategies to improve your personal health care journey from Homeopathic masters that have proven the efficacy of homeopathic medicines over the past 200 years.

This online event will be broadcast continuously over 72 hours allowing you to access it at your convenience.  A wealth of knowledge for $10.

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June 2022 - Healing Meditations - digital book release

8 Digital  books designed to help you with your personal & spiritual empowerment.  Will be available on our website and Amazon Kindle.

July 2022 - Gratitude Keeper® - No Rain-No Water - book release

Absolutely an incredible inspiration for readers to build a stronger emotional core.​ Awakened with insights and practical meditative guides to help enhance your daily human experiences and your spiritual journey.

July & August 2022 - Mumbai Speaking Engagements with Enlightenment Education

More details coming soon.

Summer 2022 - Gratitude Keeper® Core Therapy Cards Series 1 and 2  - release

The intention of these Gratitude Keeper® Core Therapy Cards is to invite warm, encouraging conversations and thoughts towards promoting better Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Health; and healing through the vibration of colors, lines, images, shapes, quotes, affirmations, mantras, and meditations.

August 2022 - International Launch of Gratitude Keeper® Academy

With Gratitude Keeper® Academy, you will receive an accredited certificate upon completing the course of your choice. Most importantly, you will gain a more resilient approach, knowledge, and confidence in how you conduct your life and career path.

October 2022 - Gratitude Keeper® - Just  Breathe - book release

Designed to feature you; unveiling your dreams aspirations, hopes, fears, life challenges, inspirations and expressions of gratitude. Build confidence and strengthen your emotional core. Developing a legacy of mental and emotional wealth.

November 2022 - Launch of PumFresh®

PumFresh® nurtures good vaginal health, which supports emotional wellness and positive self-esteem.

PUMFresh®️ offers women the opportunity to discreetly maintain personal hygiene while carrying on a hectic schedule. In most cases, PUMFresh®️ supplements the inadequate cleansing amenities in public restrooms. 

Past Events

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